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Foot General Service Plan


The FG Service Plan is a program that "KEEPS YOUR FEET IN ORDER" This program covers all of the following so you don't have to worry about the "WHAT IF" with your Custom Arch Supports:

  • Covers your Custom Arch Support for 2 years after purchase 
  • One Free refurbish of your Custom Arch Supports
  • Breakage/Damage of your Arch Supports 
  • 20% off any additional pairs of custom arch supports
  • A MONEY BACK GUARANTEE With in 60 days of purchase 

We Believe this service plan is the finest and most comprehensive plan available for Custom Arch Supports. 

$60.00- When Purchased with your Custom Arch Supports. This service plan is only valid with Foot General Custom Arch Supports.

$99.99- When Purchased after your purchase of your Custom Arch Supports. Will cover your Custom Arch Supports for 2 years from the day of purchase. This service plan is only valid with Foot General Custom Arch Supports. 

TERM: Once service plan is redeemed for any of the items above the service plan is null & void  except the "20% off on additional pairs" this is still valid for the full 2 years. This service plan is not subject to discounts. Only applies for the new pair you buy from foot general, you are not allowed to apply this service plane to pervious ordered Arch support from Foot General if it has been 1 year since you have purchased your arch supports. 

For example- If you have purchased this service plan and you use the refurbish of your arch supports at the 1 year mark and then your dog damages them at the 1.5 year mark it would not be covered due to the refurbished that was done at the year 1 mark.