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arch pain

What Are Custom Arch Supports?

When your feet hurt, it may feel like everything hurts. Your back, your knees, and your legs may ache all day long with very little relief. If you have flat feet or low arches, or you suffer from other foot problems such as plantar fasciitis, you may be in constant pain. When you are suffering from constant foot pain, it’s time to look at custom foot arches. Here is some information about getting custom arch supports to relieve your foot pain.

A Word About Arches

On a normal foot, the arch of your foot is a muscular bridge that allows you to walk without pain. When you’re walking in bare feet on sand, a foot with a normal arch will leave a large curve in the sand. Many people are born with low arches or develop low arches over time. In bare feet on sand, low arches would have their entire foot leave a print. Other people have high arches, which means your heel and toes would be visible in sand.

If you have low arches, you may be experiencing pain in your heels, because the heel is taking a lot more punishment. You may also have aching arches as well, because the muscles are being overused. Arch supports can be custom made for your feet to support your arch, cushion your heel, and give your foot a rest. Worried about toe pain in your high arches? Arch supports can help you as well, by providing more support for the balls of your feet.

You want to be able to walk without pain. Custom arch supports can work with your shoes to give you hours of pain free walking and standing. You need to think about getting some custom arch supports today for months of moving without pain.
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