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The Science Behind Arch Supports

The Science Behind Arch Supports

When you walk or run, your feet can take a huge beating, which can affect your feet, knees, and hips. Have you ever heard the terms “flat feet”, or “fallen arches”? These two terms may sound drastically different, but their meaning is one and the same.

They tell you that the normal arches on your foot do not exist. The human foot is supposed to have an arch on the inner, or medial, side. The main thing that people who have this condition notice is pain. You might have pain in your feet, or in your knee, and even in your hip. This happens because every time you put your foot down when walking or running, because of the shock that happens. The first thing to absorb that shock are the feet, with knees and hips following behind. This process has been described under the umbrella term biomechanics.

The opposite of flat feet, or fallen arches, is high arches. That means that the arch on the medial side of your foot is abnormally high. The same painful conditions of flat feet or fallen arches apply to high arches as well. 

Even if you have not been diagnosed by a professional with this condition, you can still check for yourself. The easiest way to do that is by wetting the bottoms of your feet, and then stepping on a hard surface that will show your actual footprint. Stepping on a dry concrete surface is the easiest way to do this because your footprint will be easy to see.

Are There Any Products Available to Help Ease my Pain?

The answer to that is yes, there are products available. We will discuss two products that can help you with your pain.

  • Insoles
  • Custom Arch Supports


Insoles are products that you can buy over the counter, which means that a prescription is not required. They fit inside your shoes to provide support for your arches, and ease foot pain. They also help provide support for your heels. The most common insoles are made of either gel or foam.

Regardless of what material the insoles are made of, they serve the same purpose. Making a choice between insoles made from gel or foam is usually based upon personal preference and comfort. For example, you may find that the gel insoles work better for you than the ones made of foam.  

Custom Arch Supports

These products differ from insoles in that they are custom fit to your feet, as opposed to something made for the general population. If you spend a lot of time on your feet, custom arch supports will most likely be the best option for you.

The first step in the process is having a mold taken of your feet. The people who make custom arch supports will use that mold to construct the supports themselves. 

When you begin using your new custom arch supports, you should notice that your pain will decrease over time.


No matter what type of support you choose, the professionals at Foot General will be there to help guide you through the process. You can rest assured that you will be in good hands. Thank you for your interest in Foot General!

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