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Solutions for Hammertoe and Other Painful Foot Conditions

Solutions for Hammertoe and Other Painful Foot Conditions

What is Hammertoe?

Toes are normally held straight by muscles, ligaments, and tendons on each side. Hammertoe occurs when one side becomes weakened and unable to hold the toe straight, and pain is the result.

The easiest way to check whether you might have hammertoe is to look at the middle joint of the painful toe. If that joint is bent, then you may have hammertoe. It is best to seek the advice of a professional to confirm this condition.  Hammertoe may be caused by certain shoes, injury, and the muscle issue mentioned above.

How Will I Know Which Shoes Cause Hammertoe?

The part of any shoe that holds your toes is called the “toe box”. When the toe box is too tight, your toes will be jam-packed together, and unable to lie flat. When your toes get jam-packed like that, it is easy for one or more of the joints to become bent. Any shoe that has a pointed toe is likely to have a small toe box and will not provide enough room for your toes to lie flat.

Tips for Buying Shoes with Hammertoe in Mind

There are a few tips you can keep in mind when buying shoes that will help avoid or treat hammertoe.

Some people have one foot that is larger than the other. It is important to measure your feet each time you go to buy shoes. If you do happen to have one foot that is larger, then you should buy shoes that fit the larger foot.

It is especially important that you try on any pair of shoes before you decide to buy them. Shoe stores have benches and mirrors around that you can use to try on the shoes and see how they look on you. Once you have the new shoes on, try walking around the store, being careful to stay on the carpeted area. If you walk on any tile or linoleum surface it is easy to leave scuff marks on the soles of the shoes. While you walk around in them, think about how your feet feel while wearing them. If you experience any foot pain, or you feel that the shoes are too tight or too big, you should try a different pair. Comfort is the key word in this scenario, and your feet should feel comfortable in a new pair of shoes.

Most people probably are not aware that the time of day is a factor that makes a difference in how shoes will feel. During the day when you are up on your feet and walking more, your feel will tend to swell. To counteract this, it is recommended that you try on shoes during the evening hours.

Solutions for Other Types of Foot Pain

If you have problems with flat feet (fallen arches), high arches, heel pain, ankle, and knee pain there are solutions to help you.

For flat feet, high arches, or heel pain the best solutions are to try an insert or a custom-made orthotic. Both can be purchased without a prescription. Inserts are prefabricated and are made for a wide variety of people. Custom-made orthotics are made after taking a mold of your feet. This means that they are made specifically for you.

If you are experiencing pain in your ankles or knees, the most effective solution is a compression sleeve. There are compression sleeves available your ankle, calf muscles, and knee joints. They provide support for the joints and muscles along with helping blood flow to the painful area. Increased blood flow to an area will help with healing and make your recovery period shorter.


Foot General carries a wide variety of products to help you with your pain. You can even purchase custom-made orthotics from us. The professionals at Foot General will be here for you to help you throughout the entire process. We appreciate your interest in Foot General!
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