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Performance Compression Sleeves

Performance Compression Sleeves

What Are Compression Sleeves?

Compression sleeves are used to support and aid in healing an injured muscle or joint. They work by increasing blood flow to the injured area and supporting the injured joint.  Since they support the joint, they can be used during exercise or athletics to keep good blood flow to the area, which may help prevent strains.

What Are Compression Sleeves Made From?

Compression sleeves are made from various fabrics such as nylon, Lycra®, Spandex, or cotton.

The sleeves made from cotton are more breathable than the other fabrics, but they offer minimal support and protection for the muscles and joint. The next step-up from there is nylon, which is less breathable and offers minimal support and protection for the muscles and joint.

The sleeves made from Lycra ® and Spandex are the least breathable of the fabrics. The main benefit of them is that they offer the strongest support and protection for the muscles and the joint.

What Areas Are Compression Sleeves Used For?

We will examine three different areas of the body where compression sleeves can be useful:

  • Knee Joints
  • Calf Muscles
  • Ankle Joints

Knee Joints

Of the three areas we will examine, the knee joint is the most complex, and it typically “wears out” before the others. The knee joint is composed of the shin bone, thigh bone, two meniscus, and four ligaments.

Every time we put our foot down during walking or running, the shock hits the foot first, and then is carried up to the knee joint. The knee joints are also directly involved in standing, bending, lifting, and pivoting. Our knees are subjected to a huge amount of stress daily, which increases the chances of pain. Something that should be mentioned is the fact that our knee joints tend to wear out as we age.

Calf Muscles

The muscles that compose the calf are an important part of walking, running, standing, bending, and pivoting. If these muscles are stressed, stretched, or strained, pain is the normal result.

Ankle Joints

Ankle joints are less complex than the knee joint, but they are still an important part of our daily activities. Ankle joints are composed of bone, muscle, and ligaments. When we are walking or running, the heel is normally the first part of the foot to strike the ground. The resulting shock is absorbed in the ankle joint, and then migrates up the leg.


Regardless of which joint you need compression sleeves for, the professionals at Foot General will be there to help you through the entire ordering process. Thank you for your interest in Foot General!
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